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Castle - Cagliari


Castello visto da Monte Urpinu

If you let yourself lose in the streets of the Castle, you will be caught by a sense of familiarity which is typical of all Mediterranean cities: narrow lanes, the sight over the sea, stairs, steps, staircases, small squares, hot tonality buildings besides dilapidated walls, and finally, at the end of this fatiguing urban excursion, you will be rewarded by large terraces over the sea and the city.

Vicolo a Castello, Cagliari

Probably the best way to figure out the complexity of a city as Cagliari, where the old and modern, nature and industry constantly intertwine, is by watching it from above its towers and bastions. An ideal point of observation is the Bastion of Saint Remy, a belvedere situated in the southern side of the fortified cittadella, which opens on the city with large terraces and a double staircase, facing Piazza Della Costituzione. This is a very crowded place, thanks to the many cafes and the numerous cultural manifestations taking place along the covered promenade which starts from the staircase. The flee market, once held in this area, has been moved to Piazza Trento, though maintaining the same frequency. Another panoramic point is the Torre dell’Elefante , Elephant Tower (Piazza San Giuseppe – Via Santa Croce; summer timetable: 9.00 – 13.00/15.30 – 19.30; winter timetable: 9.00 – 16.30; closed on Mondays).
This is an ancient bulwark built by the Pisans against the incursions of the Genoese and the Moorish, and one of the main gates of the Castle.

Bastione a Castello, Cagliari

Inside the walls stands also the Cathedral, a sort of marble encyclopaedia which stores 700 years of historic-architectural memories of the city. Built in Romanic-Pisan style (like that of many 13th century churches in Sardinia), with baroque juxtapositions added in the 17th and 18th century, while the façade dates back to 1933.

La Cattedrale di Cagliari

Just outside the city walls, under the Tower of San Pancrazio (the second entry gate to the Castle ), lies the Cittadella dei Musei, the result of a recovery work of the old Royal Arsenal, re-adapted for exhibiting purposes. The former military structures of the Pisans, Aragons, Spanish and Sabaudians host today the National Archaeological Museum, the National Art Galley, the Siamese Art Museum, and the Waxworks Museum.

To reach the Castle agrees exploit the bus, which stops along the perimeter of the walls or through the district, as the line 7 (stops Independence Square and Via Lamarmora) and 8 (bus stop in Viale Good Way), the bastion is reachable with lines 6, 7 and 10 (stop on Constitution Square), who did not want or could not leave the car at home, can park in Buoncammino avenue, which has a beautiful Belvedere, and access to the Castle from the north side, or viale Regina Elena and climb from the south to the stairs of Saint Remy Bastione or using the lift.