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The Viper Cave

Grotta della Vipera

The Viper Cave is situated in viale Sant' Avendrace, a sepulchre dedicated to an aristocratic Roman  woman who traded her own life for that of her sick husband, offering herself to the Gods. This sad story has been reconstructed thanks to some Latin and Greek engravings, which decorate the cave walls.
The name of the place comes from the two snakes placed at the entrance of the cave to guard it, as symbols of the eternal life and conjugal fidelity. The cave is visible from the outer courtyard. Access to visitors is permitted with variable opening hours, therefore, if you plan a visit to this site, we recommend to ask the Tourist Information Office for an up-to-date plan.  
The cave is reachable by bus with line 1 and 9 (bus stop in Viale S. Avendrace).

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