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Welcome to Cagliari!


The “southern door of Sardinia” lies on the ruins of the Phoenician’s foundations called Karales, dating back to the 6th century b.c. Over its history, it has been occupied by the Cartagens, the Romans, the Vandals, the Bizantines, the Pisans and the Aragonese.
But the visitor should not be scared by the long history of the town. Following the tradition of all the Mediterranean cities, Cagliari reveals itself as a urbe in fieri (a city under constant developing), with an always changing identity and a lively social and cultural background. You can walk up and down the seven hills in search of its origins and history, or just enjoy the amusements that it can offer night and day in all seasons of the year, thanks to a pleasant climate which encourages outdoor activities, while its strategic position makes it the perfect starting point for the exploration of the south of the island, from cape Carbonara to the Iglesiente.
Like many other Mediterranean ports, Cagliari suffered heavy bombings during the Second World War, but despite its typical aspect of modern city, the view from the sea of the ancient towers and bastions of the historic centre, still  offers particular suggestions.

Although the majority of tourists sees Cagliari as a transit city in the context of a wider tour of the island, or stops here for a daily excursion just to take a break from the routine “all sun and sea” of the southern seaside locations, Cagliari deserves more than just a superficial visit. Allow it at least 3 days, because there are really many things worth to be seen, and rest assured you won’t get bored



During your stay in Cagliari we highly recommend a visit to the following places:


» Castle of San Michele

» Il Poetto

» Park of Mount Urpinu

» Historic Districts of Cagliari


Castello District

» Castle

» National Archeological Museum

Marina District

» Marina

Stampace District

» Roman Amphitheatre

» The Ponds

» Necropolis of Tuvixeddu

» The Viper Cave

» Stampace

Villanova District

» San Benedetto Civil Market

» Villanova