San Benedetto Civil Market - Cagliari



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Customer Care

San Benedetto Civil Market - Cagliari

Absolutely not to miss is the Civil Market of San Benedetto: even though it is hosted inside a modern structure in the district of Villanova, the market has preserved the peculiar characteristics of the traditional Mediterranean markets, therefore it is very pleasant to have a look around it. But  above all, it is the perfect place where to buy some fish, in the reserved fish department.

Or you may just get some Bottarga for your stocks, as well as many other typical products which are abundant here.
Remember that many shopkeepers, not only in Cagliari, may expressly prepare for you some fresh products, appropriately packed up for the travel (cheese exc…). Corner of


Mercato del Pesce Cagliari

via F.Cocco Ortu, via Tiziano, via O. Bacaredda.
Open all days with the exception of Sunday