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Park of Mount Urpinu - Cagliari


Parco di Monte Urpinu

The park has had a troubled history. For centuries it has been a natural oasis, populated with foxes, wild porks exc.., but in the last decades of the 20th century, it has become victim of human stupidity, and during the Cold War, it was used to stock a series of big reservoirs containing high flammable fuels, which were used to supply the military naval and air fleets in the ports and airports of Elmas and Decimomannu, through a hidden and mysterious pipeline. The whole island was in fact under the control of the United States, and was considered a strategic centre for the control of the Mediterranean sea in the event of a nuclear war against the Soviet Union.

Only in recent times, as it often happens, thanks to the substantial and constant engagement of citizens and associations, the military base of Mount Urpino has been officially dismissed, and the basis were laid for the recovery of this formerly militarised zone, and for the requalification of the environment through a resolute intervention. We hope that this brief tale may help you visiting this green area with a different eye, and enjoying even more the beauty of a place that has been reconquered and given back to its citizens, to take it to a higher level of civilization. From the main avenue leading to the park, and from the top of the hill you can enjoy a delightful view over the ponds, the salt-pans, the sea promenade, the historic centre or the port, and it represents a real oasis for those who love walks or just a little relax immersed in nature, still not too far away from the city. Very popular also among the inhabitants of Cagliari, we recommend this park to all visitors, whether only for a few days or hours, to have a rest from the frenetic rhythms of the tourist tours-de force circuits.

The effective area of the park is separated from the asphalted street, in order to protect the animals from the vehicles circulating in the park. The whole zone is very crowded in the evening thanks to the many cafes and clubs which serve aperitifs and buffet dinners.

Viale Europa, Via S. Vidal, Via Pietro Leo
Tel.: +39.070.453148

Access to cars is always permitted, while the effective park is open all year round from morning to evening without breaks, with opening times variable according to the season: February to November from 6.30 am to 19 pm; March from 6 am to 19.30 pm; April from 5.30 am to 20 pm; May from 5 am to 21 pm; June, July and August from 5.00 am to 22 pm; September from 5.30 am to 21 pm; October from 6 am to 20 pm; and finally December and January from 7 am to 18 pm.
Free admission
The park is reachable by bus with line 10 (bus stop in Vidal street) , 6 (bus stop in Piazza Padre Pio da Pietralcina) and 3 (bus stop in via Scano)