Historic Districts of Cagliari



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Historic Districts of Cagliari


Parco di Monte Urpinu

Founded around the 13th century, when the Pisans shaped the urban footprint of the city, the four districts of Castello, Marina, Villanova and Stampace constitute the historic centre of Cagliari.
Around the fortified nucleons, seat of the power and aristocratic residences, and often symbol of the tyranny, other districts developed, each of them destined to host a specific trade activity: so we have the district of the fishermen and the harbour labourers; the district of the peasants, who moved into town to implement the trade of their products; the merchants, and finally, the artisans. Their traditional characteristics don’t have a clear-cut distinction, however, despite the housing speculation which accompanied the years of the reconstruction after the Second World War, the four districts still preserve evident traces of their history, and if you look at them attentively, ignoring the new aseptic constructions, you can still understand a lot on the social life of old Cagliari.

Castello District

» Castle

» National Archeological Museum

Marina District

» Marina

Stampace District

» Roman Amphitheatre

» The Ponds

» Necropolis of Tuvixeddu

» The Viper Cave

» Stampace

Villanova District

» San Benedetto Civil Market

» Villanova